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A clean and abundant future where nothing goes to waste

NILO aspires to find large scale, economically viable uses for most types of plastic waste. By repurposing plastic waste into something useful and valuable this will impart a value on plastic waste itself. Our goal is that NILO will pay for this plastic waste, driving more widespread collection, and ultimately help solve the current plastic waste problem.

Our New Zealand and Māori heritage drives us to embrace the concept of environmental guardianship (Kaitiakitanga). The NILO process helps do this by incentivizing the collection of various plastics, rewarding those that collect it, reducing plastic waste entering landfill, and reducing carbon by diverting plastics from incineration and by creating lower carbon impact alternative products.

NILO is here to align human industry with both by turning the world’s waste from a problem into an opportunity, one use case at a time. Drawing on the expertise of an executive board that integrates scientific advancements within a uniquely Kiwi/Māori cultural synthesis that stresses kaitiakitanga, NILO fulfils its role in techno-repurposing industrialisation through a low-carbon emission process that starts with plastics but when fully realised will turn not only plastics, but construction waste, tires and a wide-range of solid waste into a range of circular products and solutions.

NILO believes our technology can be the beginning of a new plastic waste economy.

We see a world where workers in the current garbage picking economy can now profit from the collection of plastic waste and materially improve their standard of living.

Companies either using the NILO binders to manufacture products, or disposing of end of life plastics responsibly by partnering with NILO, will benefit from a “NILO inside” affiliation.

NILO envisions scalable plants and product lines which befit the needs of the regions, particularly in developing nations with copious single-use plastic resources.

We will advocate for systems that expedite and support environmental and circular economic gains.